“Do what you feel in your heart”

One spring day of the year 2000 suddenly came to mind a phrase from my grandmother, “Do what you feel in your heart”.

Years before, I was on holiday in Formentera, and that home, so beautiful and special, remained in my soul, so I decided to leave my beloved Italy and fly.

It was Ibiza with its vitality and its double personalities, summer and winter, an intense experience of almost 5 years that helped me to evolve and find the passion to create something with my hands, thinking about my grandmother, who was passing most of her time on the terrace weaving.

The search for and choice of materials in every corner of the world is a very beautiful and fundamental part of the creative process, the simplicity and harmony between the elements convey a lot of me.

Born in the south of Italy in Puglia, but now living in Lanzarote, I am a creator of handmade jewellery made with natural stones, pearls, Mother of Pearl and fine 925 sterling silver thread. Everything you see published in this page is created by me, and is a unique object.