Collection of high-quality jewellery made from Mother of Pearl.
Both classic style and fantasy combined in unique handmade jewellery.

Since the beginning of time, pearls and Mother of Pearl have been used as a complement to fashion. The difference between the two is in the arrangement of the crystals that make it up, in concentric layers for the pearls and arranged in parallel layers in the Mother of Pearl.

The sheen of the elements, the colors, and the elegance of the designs, distinguish the handmade jewellery collection made with carefully selected top quality materials. Pearls and Mother of Pearl combined with crystals, natural stones and 925 sterling silver. A classic style for special occasions or a unique gift.

Joyería bisutería artesanal Lanzarote - Colección Madreperla - Anna Tornese

Joyería bisutería artesanal Lanzarote - Colección Madreperla 2 - Anna Tornese





Collection: Madreperla

Material:  Pearls, Mother of Pearl, natural stones, crystals, 925 sterling silver

Warranty: Unique Handmade Jewellery

Shipping: Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Asia

Phone: +34 661 336 601


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